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5 Reasons One Would Change a Technique

There are only 5 reasons why a radiographer would change a technique (and 8 ways you could do it without using distance).  As the how’s are not nearly as interesting as the whys, we’ll start with why you would change a given technique.  Here are the 5 reasons: Increase kV,

The Difference in Lead Apron Thickness

A few years ago I was in charge of choosing and purchasing the lead aprons used in our radiology department. We had one main vendor we used so I contacted them about getting a bunch of front sided and wrap around aprons as well as half shields of different sizes.

Updated & Modified Technique Charts

All of my CR and DR technique charts (with the exception of the CR Konica charts) have been updated and modified. It was a HUGE job that I have been dreading and putting off for at least 6 months, so I can honestly say I am amazingly satisfied and relieved