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Entrance, Midline and Exit Doses

A while back I started to wonder about how much dose actually occurred in the middle of the body (the Midline Dose).  My good old trusty FLUKE dosimeter and 150cc ion chamber could easily tell me the entrance and exit doses but I couldn’t figure out a way to get

How Much Off-Focus Radiation Comes Out of the Tube?

Today’s blog is about off-focus (stem) radiation which until a couple of weeks ago I had completely forgotten about.  As a reminder to all of you who haven’t cracked open your physics books in a while; off-focus radiation are x-rays produced by stray electrons that interact at positions on the anode

Off-Focus Radiation

This whole project began when we tried to prove if a patient should be shielded in the front or the back for a PA chest x-ray. I decided to test this out using an 8×10 CR cassette that I would run at 1200 speed, making it extremely sensitive to any