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The New Exposure Index (EI) Terminology

There are three new definitions all of the manufacturers are now using that will soon become standard terminology in our profession. The first and most important is that finally(!!) there will be only one name for the number that comes up after your exposure to show the measure ofthe radiation

The Trouble with Post Processing “Collimation”

Post processing “collimation”, shuttering or cropping seemed to be one of the greatest features of digital radiography.  With our first CR unit we were taking badly collimated chest x-rays and then with a couple of mouse and key strokes turning in images that looked like we were the best collimating

Problems with Exposure Index (EI) Numbers

When Fuji first developed CR back in the early 80’s, they were also the first company to invent an Exposure Index (EI) number system.  As most of us know, they went with S numbers and decided to have those numbers correspond with the speed of film –screen systems so that the higher