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Why Should You Increase the SID for Abdomen’s?

For the first 10 years of my career (late 70&’s, early 80&’s) the SID for abdomen x-rays was 40″ and that was written in stone. I still remember the first new GE room we got at Watsonville hospital that had a 44″ detente. It seemed blasphemous that a company would

Universal CR & DR Technique Charts

Back in the film days I would always give my students a technique chart that had about 50 different body parts on it.  When we went digital in 2002, our vendor told to use the same techniques, so we continued to use those charts.  Four years later we had learned

Optimum kV for DR & CR Equipment

As soon as the film-screen combination was developed in our profession, there has been optimum kVs used for every body part.  Even when Rare Earth screens came on the market in the early 80’s and the mAs was cut to one third (from 9 to 3 for example) the kV