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Why Should You Increase the SID for Abdomen’s?

For the first 10 years of my career (late 70&’s, early 80&’s) the SID for abdomen x-rays was 40″ and that was written in stone. I still remember the first new GE room we got at Watsonville hospital that had a 44″ detente. It seemed blasphemous that a company would

How Much Off-Focus Radiation Comes Out of the Tube?

Today’s blog is about off-focus (stem) radiation which until a couple of weeks ago I had completely forgotten about.  As a reminder to all of you who haven’t cracked open your physics books in a while; off-focus radiation are x-rays produced by stray electrons that interact at positions on the anode

Off-Focus Radiation

This whole project began when we tried to prove if a patient should be shielded in the front or the back for a PA chest x-ray. I decided to test this out using an 8×10 CR cassette that I would run at 1200 speed, making it extremely sensitive to any