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Today’s post is going to be a bit different than my usual fair of writing about  CR and DR.  Today I’m going to tell you about Supertech.  Although you may think I’m writing this about you,  Supertech is actually this amazing diagnostic imaging online store that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

If you’ve been to my website you know that I have two company’s advertising on the right hand side of the home page.  The beauty of running my own business is I get to pick who I will do advertising with.  I decided when I founded the company and website it wasn’t worth the money to have anyone on the site that I didn’t have 100% respect for.  That’s why I started with just 2 businesses, MTMI and the Ferlic Filter Co.  Now Supertech makes three.

Needless to say, all great companies need a strong leader, and Supertech most certainly has that.  The president/CEO and owner is Judy McNitt-Mell, an amazing woman who started working with Supertech ten years ago.  Her father actually started the business back in 1973, owning just 10% of the company, but over the years ended up owning it outright.  In 2009, Judy’s father retired and she took control of the company lock, stock and barrel.

I’ve met Judy a few times over the years because I would see her in the vendors room at many of the largest radiology conferences around the country.  One can’t walk through a vendor’s room without stopping at her booth, becauseSupertech has so many different products they sell.

Here are just a few of them: X-Ray Technique Calculator, Anthropomorphic and Multi-Modality Phantoms, Quality Assurance Phantoms, Aprons, Barriers and Filters as well as pages of other products for CT, Ultra Sound, MRI and Nuclear Medicine.

I had personal experience with Judy’s wonderful customer care when I purchased ALL of our phantoms from Supertech many years ago.   We started with just the abdomen phantom, but a few years later we were able to acquire the head and neck, thorax, entire right arm, elbow and the wonderful “DUKE” quality control phantom.   I still remember thinking how incredibly knowledgeable  she was (and is!!) about all of these different phantoms considering how many different products they carried. Being the inquisitive guy I am,  I had grilled her as I wanted to know everything about every one of them.

One of the things Judy is proudest of is the SPoRT Pediatric Sectional Phantom.  She had attended several meetings which addressed the topic of pediatric imaging.  The big push for “Image Gently” made her think that it would be helpful for the market if there were Pediatric Phantoms which would help new technologists learn how to image gently.  Telling someone what to do and having something for them to use in a laboratory setting are vastly different.  Judy knew that Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc (CIRS) would have the engineers and physicists who could handle a tough project like this.  She was very grateful to CIRS for creating SPoRT and she is very excited about this product.

To check out Supertech, click here.

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