iSupertech Digital X-Ray Calculator

Digital Radiography Solutions has combined forces with Judy McNitt-mell of Supertech and Ron Reed of Dev App Central, LLC to create the first ever app for digital radiography techniques.  It’s called the iSupertech Digital X-Ray Technique Calculator and can be downloaded and used on iPhones, iPods and iPads.


At the App store it is listed as the iSupertech Calculator.  It will be a free download and you will be able to use it 5-10 times and then it will ask if you want to purchase it.  This way you will have been able to use it (hopefully “in the field”) and will see how easy and helpful it is.

The techniques are based on a patient considered to be a medium male. This means the patient is of average shape and weighs between 160-200 lbs. If the patient is a female, the weight range is 10 lbs less (150-190 lbs.)

The only pediatric techniques provided are the newborn, infant, and child chest techniques. These three are categorized by weight, with the newborn being 2-9 lbs, infant 10-20 lbs, and child 25-35 lbs. As there is only one technique in the calculator per projection, we used the middle of the weight range for each. So the newborn will be 5-6 lbs, the infant will be 15 lbs and the child 30 lbs.

Almost every manufacturer uses a different Exposure Index (EI) number system.  Because of this, we have created individual write-ups for each vendor where you will be able to read about how that particular manufacturer set up their EI ranges and the mathematical formulas it takes to figure out the perfect Target Exposure Index (EIT)  number.

As with everything dRs provides, the goal with each technique is to keep the mAs/dose as low as possible while achieving a quality image.

Compatible X-Ray Systems

Agra (LgM)
Carestream (EI)
Fuji (S) New EI Ranges
Konica (S) New EI Ranges

Canon-Siemens (EXI)
Carestream (EI) With EI Ranges
GE (DI) New EI Range
Konica (S)
Philips (EI_s)
Siemens (EXI) New EI Ranges


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