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Today I’d like to tell you a little bit about two wonderful organizations; Image Gently and Image Wisely.  Image Gently was created first, in 2007.  In one sentence, their goal is, “to change practice: to raise awareness of the opportunities to lower radiation dose in the imaging of children”.  A couple of years later it was realized that this goal was also very important for all the rest of our patient’s who are not pediatrics, so Image Wisely was created.

The four groups of professionals that make up Image Gently and Wisely are: Imaging Technologist’s, Imaging Physicians, Medical Physicists and Nuclear Medicine Tech’s.  As of today’s post, there are currently 20, 831 members of Image Gently and 18,825 members of Image Wisely.

I joined both organizations a few years ago as soon as I was introduced to them.  Their entire goal is for the imaging professional to give better patient care, and what is more important than that?  At the end of this post I have attached a copy of both the “pledges” that one would make if you decide to join.  They are from one of the last slides I present in my 6 and 8 hour talks. I can guarantee you that NO ONE will EVER contact you or use your phone number or email address.  All they want is for you to believe in the pledge and try your best to conduct your professional life accordingly.  Also the totals of the members will increase, showing both the professionals and the patient’s that there really are a lot of us that truly believe in great patient care.

One of the really incredible things about the Image Gently site is the section they have for parents.  In it they can find well written, non technical descriptions of the scarier exams children sometimes have to go through. These include; contrast enemas, UGI’s, VCUG’s, CT’s, interventional exams and Nuclear Medicine exams.

I’ll let the pledges speak for themselves.  If you agree with them, I would love to see you join us.  You can click here to get to Image Gently and her to get to Image Wisely.

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