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Lead Aprons are for Scatter Radiation Only

This experiment is part 3 in my series on lead aprons and will show that the average lead apron we use to protect ourselves and our patient’s are supposed to protect against scatter radiation only.  You will quickly see why these aprons should never be put in a primary beam.

The Difference in Lead Apron Thickness

A few years ago I was in charge of choosing and purchasing the lead aprons used in our radiology department. We had one main vendor we used so I contacted them about getting a bunch of front sided and wrap around aprons as well as half shields of different sizes.

Grid Cut-Off with DR & CR

Back in March I wrote a blog about grid cut-off in the digital world. It explained things, but in a 1 page article there wasn’t room to put in the images and photos needed to really prove the points I was making. Here I have all the space I need

Entrance, Midline and Exit Doses

A while back I started to wonder about how much dose actually occurred in the middle of the body (the Midline Dose).  My good old trusty FLUKE dosimeter and 150cc ion chamber could easily tell me the entrance and exit doses but I couldn’t figure out a way to get

Off-Focus Radiation

This whole project began when we tried to prove if a patient should be shielded in the front or the back for a PA chest x-ray. I decided to test this out using an 8×10 CR cassette that I would run at 1200 speed, making it extremely sensitive to any