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Marking the Image Legal Issues, Part 3

Today I want to discuss markers and marking the image. To make your image a legal document in a court of law, radiation must go through your marker and have it show up and be readable on the image. Please know this has not changed at all with the advent

Kettering National Seminars

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Kettering National Seminars became the latest company to start advertising on the dRs website and I wanted to let you know why I’m so enthusiastic about their business. If you condensed their entire mission statement to one line it would be this: To make sure


Blog #25 Happy New Year!! Today’s article will be a little different than my usual fare, in that it won’t specifically be about radiology. I just have so much to be grateful for and this time of year is the perfect time to reflect on it with the holidays (Thanksgiving

How to Position a Perfect RAO Sternum

Back on May 15 for my 10th blog I shamelessly plugged my first textbook which I co-authored with Quinn Carroll titled “Adaptive Radiography with Trauma, Image Critique and Critical Thinking”. I thought it would be fun every once in a while to write an article on one of my favorite

Post Collimation (Shuttering) Legal Issues, Part 1

In the “legal section” of my presentation I always discussed that at some point I was convinced that someone, somewhere was going to be sued for making a mistake by post collimating pathology off without ever knowing that they had done this.  A couple of years ago a very credible

Radiographers Changing Old Habits

Last month I gave my 8 hour MTMI presentation and during the breaks I was talking with the attendee’s all about the title of this blog.  What does it take for a radiographer/student to get a co-worker to consider changing their mind, their attitude, their way of doing things and

Doses – Entrance, Midline and Exit

Today’s blog will be a shortened version of the experiment I posted in the Significant Experiments section last week which has the full write up.  This will be an overview only as I would love to have you go to the Sig. Exp. and see all of the photos (figures