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World Radiography Day in Doha, Qatar

I recently had an amazing experience that I wanted to tell you about.  In November I was one of the speakers for the World Radiography Day seminar at the Aspetar Orthodedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, Qatar. Here’s how I ended up there.  A year ago I was asked

iSupertech Digital X-Ray Calculator

Digital Radiography Solutions has combined forces with Judy McNitt-mell of Supertech and Ron Reed of Dev App Central, LLC to create the first ever app for digital radiography techniques.  It’s called the iSupertech Digital X-Ray Technique Calculator and can be downloaded and used on iPhones, iPods and iPads. At the

The Classes of Flat Panel Digital X-ray Detectors

Today’s article is written by a new colleague of mine; Ryan Everhart.   At some point soon I plan on writing a blog about Ryan and the new digital technology he’s involved with.  For now I will let this wonderful article he wrote speak for itself.        Flat

5 Reasons One Would Change a Technique

There are only 5 reasons why a radiographer would change a technique (and 8 ways you could do it without using distance).  As the how’s are not nearly as interesting as the whys, we’ll start with why you would change a given technique.  Here are the 5 reasons: Increase kV,

The Ferlic Filter Company

Today I’m writing about The Ferlic Filter Company.   It was founded by Dan Ferlic close to 30 years ago when Dan was a radiographer in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  Instead of getting all technical on what kinds of material he uses and things like that, I’m just going to tell

Rolling the Shoulders Forward for an AP chest X-Ray

Chest x-rays are the first exam that most students learn in school. This is because approximately 33% of all the exams performed in the average facility or hospital are chest x-rays. And what was the one thing you were supposed to do with everyone’s shoulders? Roll em’ forward of course.

Updated & Modified Technique Charts

All of my CR and DR technique charts (with the exception of the CR Konica charts) have been updated and modified. It was a HUGE job that I have been dreading and putting off for at least 6 months, so I can honestly say I am amazingly satisfied and relieved

Shape Distortion By Jeremy Enfinger

A while back I discovered Jeremy Enfinger and his amazing website “Topics in Radiography: News and Tips in the World of X-Ray” ( Today I’m going to have Jeremy be my guest writer as I post one of my favorite blogs of his – Shape Distortion. One of the most

Using Too Much mAs Legal Issues, Part 4

Today I want to discuss the possibility of your facility being sued for using too much mAs (over radiating/over dosing) the patient with CR or DR general radiography. This sort of takes us back to the first blog I ever posted (January 1st, 2013) where I discussed Creeping Dose. The