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Updated & Modified Technique Charts

All of my CR and DR technique charts (with the exception of the CR Konica charts) have been updated and modified. It was a HUGE job that I have been dreading and putting off for at least 6 months, so I can honestly say I am amazingly satisfied and relieved

Shape Distortion By Jeremy Enfinger

A while back I discovered Jeremy Enfinger and his amazing website “Topics in Radiography: News and Tips in the World of X-Ray” (http://topicsinradiography.com/). Today I’m going to have Jeremy be my guest writer as I post one of my favorite blogs of his – Shape Distortion. One of the most

Using Too Much mAs Legal Issues, Part 4

Today I want to discuss the possibility of your facility being sued for using too much mAs (over radiating/over dosing) the patient with CR or DR general radiography. This sort of takes us back to the first blog I ever posted (January 1st, 2013) where I discussed Creeping Dose. The

Marking the Image Legal Issues, Part 3

Today I want to discuss markers and marking the image. To make your image a legal document in a court of law, radiation must go through your marker and have it show up and be readable on the image. Please know this has not changed at all with the advent