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World Radiography Day in Doha, Qatar

I recently had an amazing experience that I wanted to tell you about.  In November I was one of the speakers for the World Radiography Day seminar at the Aspetar Orthodedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, Qatar. Here’s how I ended up there.  A year ago I was asked

iSupertech Digital X-Ray Calculator

Digital Radiography Solutions has combined forces with Judy McNitt-mell of Supertech and Ron Reed of Dev App Central, LLC to create the first ever app for digital radiography techniques.  It’s called the iSupertech Digital X-Ray Technique Calculator and can be downloaded and used on iPhones, iPods and iPads. At the

The Classes of Flat Panel Digital X-ray Detectors

Today’s article is written by a new colleague of mine; Ryan Everhart.   At some point soon I plan on writing a blog about Ryan and the new digital technology he’s involved with.  For now I will let this wonderful article he wrote speak for itself.        Flat

5 Reasons One Would Change a Technique

There are only 5 reasons why a radiographer would change a technique (and 8 ways you could do it without using distance).  As the how’s are not nearly as interesting as the whys, we’ll start with why you would change a given technique.  Here are the 5 reasons: Increase kV,