I have many talks/lectures to choose from. They range from one and a half to eight hours in length. Quite often a facility will want a particular lecture but with a different title so there are also many titles to select from.

My two hour and eight hour talks are the most popular although my new 6 hour presentation is becoming quite popular.

Below is a list of the different talks and titles I have used over the past 6 years. Following that are some of the Abstract / Outline / Objective that go with some of them.

Talks & Titles

  • “What Every _____ (Tech, Radiographer, Student, Educator, Manager, Supervisor, Director) Needs to Know About Digital Radiography”
  • “What You Need to Know About Digital Radiography”
  • “Mastering Digital Radiography: What Every Tech Needs To Know”
  • “Reviving the Lost Art of Radiography: Positioning, Techniques and Doses in Your Digital World”
  • “Going Digital”
  • “Analyzing the Mysteries of Digital Radiography”
  • “Advanced Principles for Using and Critiquing Digital Radiography”
  • “Digital Exposure and Radiation Safety”
  • “DR/CR Exposures, Technique and Doses”
  • “CR and DR Techniques, Exposures and Doses”
  • “DR & CR: Techniques and Strategies Everyone Can Use”
  • “Relationship Between CR/DR Techniques and Exposure Dose”
  • “Teaching DR/CR With Best Dose Practices”