3.75 Free CEU’s with Mastering the Art of Digital Radiography: Labs, Experiments and Explanations DVD

Ever since the “Mastering the Art of Digital Radiography: Labs, Experiments and Explanations” DVD was released people have been asking me if they could receive CEU credits for it.  To tell you the truth, when I created the DVD the thought had never crossed my mind.  If it had, I would have made sure that the DVD was 4 hours long so I could have offered 4 CEU’s instead of the 3.75.  My DVD was 10 minutes too short.  Oh well, too late for that.  At least the CEU’s are all in digital radiography so for those of you living in California, Texas and Washington these will count towards the 4 CEU’s you will need in digital radiography by July 2016.

So here is how it’ll work.  If you have already purchased a DVD, please send me an email requesting your login number.  I am giving 2 numbers per DVD, which means two people can take the test and get the CEU credits.  I will just need to look you up in my records to make sure of the purchase name, place and date.

Then you’ll go to the website and click on the CEU Test link and you’re off and running.  You will get in with the password number I’ve given you and then it will have you create a username and put in your ASRT number or the last 4 of your Social Security number.

There are 40 questions in all and you’ll need to get at least 75% correct to pass.  The ASRT allows up to 3 tries to pass the test.  After three attempts the login number will no longer be valid and (I hate to say it) you won’t have another chance.  I wrote the test questions myself and tried my best to keep them easy to answer, but you will definitely need to watch the DVD to know the answers.  As soon as you pass you will be able to print up a certificate with your name and the ASRT course code number.

For anyone who purchased the DVD recently (from October on) the 2 login numbers will be printed on the DVD wrapper.

Good luck and I hope you all pass!!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at drs@redshift.com

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